While managing money isn’t the most glamorous part of nonprofit life, VECINA is committed to making sure that all of the generosity of our donors is put to good use. That’s why we are very excited to welcome Cherisse Robison as our fractional CFO!

Cherisse Robison serves as VECINA’s fractional CFO through her consulting firm, Cherisse Robison Consulting LLC. Cherisse founded her firm after serving as a financial professional in the non-profit and government sectors for over 15 years. Most recently as the CFO of a $65M organization that served a network of 70 organizations that were primarily funded by a complex array of state, federal, and unrestricted revenue, Cherisse saw the need for financial consulting aimed at building strong financial management practices for businesses of all sizes. Cherisse is passionate about helping organizations achieve financial success. 

Welcome to the team Cherisse!

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