In these crazy times we live in where asylum seekers and their advocates are constantly experiencing losses, we love to bring you good news!Jessie De Haven is licensed to practice law, but instead of a career in the legal profession she works in the fitness industry. But, seeing the immense need for legal representation, she stepped up to the plate with the help of her VECINA mentor, Jessica Miles.

Jessie agreed to take on a case for a women who had been ordered removed by a judge for failing to appear at her court hearing. Jessie’s client revealed that she had paid $1,000 to someone who claimed to be an attorney, promised to represent her, and told her not to appear for her court hearing.

With this information, Jessie filed a motion to reopen in the immigration court, asking that the court throw out the removal order for her client and continue with her case. After countless hours of time spent making the motion the best it could be, Jessie’s work paid off! The judge has ordered the case reopened, and Jessie and her client can now proceed with her asylum case in court.

Congratulations to “the Jessies”! We are so thrilled we could provide Jessie with the tools she needed to give her the confidence to join the fight and change a life in the process.

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