Information about immigration is flying around the news and local communities and sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what’s fact and what’s fiction, as well as how we feel about everything that’s going on. VECINA engages with communities through education, whether by facilitating discussions or speaking at events.

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VECINA has become well known for its innovative online trainings geared toward pro bono attorneys, legal service providers, and other volunteers serving vulnerable immigrant populations.

Find a Speaker

You can request a VECINA representative to speak at your event or guide your community’s discussion. Types of events we can speak at or facilitate include:

  • Religious community events
  • Corporate events
  • Social justice events
  • School events

“It was fantastic to have Lindsay Gray speak at our event.  Her passion for immigrant people and her knowledge of immigration law was a powerful combination for our community.  She brought an in-depth understanding of the asylum system which elevated the dialogue in the room and moved us all towards important action.  We can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Kristy Robinson, author Hermanas

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We’d love for you to check out upcoming events. Join us to learn more about immigrant justice in our local communities and why it matters.

Browse Community Resources

See a list of educational resources surrounding immigration law issues, or get started with the basics on our What is Asylum? page.

“Having Lindsay at our event was significant.  There are so many ins and outs of immigration policy, and so much that changes from month to month, that having her expertise was not only wonderful but also critical for us to better understand our context, recognize the actual challenges, and move forward girded with information that matters.”

Gena Thomas, author Separated by the Border