VECINA’s mission is to empower immigrant justice advocates through mentoring attorneys, educating communities, and mobilizing volunteers.

The Need

Immigrants are facing one of the most difficult times in our nation’s history, so it’s more important than ever that immigrant justice advocates fight on behalf of immigrants’ rights. Immigrant justice advocates are battling fierce opposition, fatigue, and a constantly-changing landscape.

Many attorneys are looking for ways to help but don’t have the tools necessary to provide effective representation. VECINA has expert mentors and training attorneys ready to equip pro bono attorneys with the necessary knowledge and skills to provide zealous advocacy.

Additionally, misinformation about immigrants and immigration law has become widespread and difficult to combat. VECINA provides community education at events and community meetings so that the truth can spread.

How to Get Involved

Want to help? There are a range of ways to get involved and advance our mission for immigrant justice.

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Become a Volunteer

If you’re interested in donating your time and efforts, check out ways you can get involved.

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