Thousands of children are currently in the custody of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, waiting to be reunited with a family member or other loved one who is willing to receive them into their home. The paperwork can be daunting and the process scary. That’s why VECINA is recruiting volunteers to help individuals with paperwork, gather supporting documents, provide interpretation, and advocate for the release of a child! Join a team to work with a family.

Volunteering Details

This opportunity is remote! We will be placing cases as they come in, and setting teams up to make sure that administrative, legal, and interpretation needs are met. We will be providing technical assistance via email and in a group setting.

When you click “Express Interest” below, you will be provided with links to help you prepare to take your first case.

Contact Information

Thank you again for volunteering! We look forward to working with you on this project!

Sign Up to be a ReUnite Volunteer

Sign up to volunteer as an attorney, admin, or interpreter for our ReUnite Project.

*We are fortunate to already have many volunteer Spanish interpreters lined up to help with these cases, so we are not accepting new volunteer Spanish interpreters at this time. Attorneys, admin support volunteers, and interpreters for languages other than Spanish are encouraged to sign up.

We are seeking admin support volunteers who are located in the following times zones: Pacific Time, Mountain Time, and Central Time.